This is a purpose built bass tailpiece for the early 4000 bass or derivitive.  The original basses used converted guitar tailpieces with 4 of the holes enlarged.  That looks a bit sloppy, so we cleaned it up a bit -- but it's still completely interchangeable with the originals.


Dimples for the bridge are added upon receipt of your order, once we know the layout of your instrument.

4000 bass tailpiece

  • Because these tailpieces were installed inconsistently, you must provide us with the distance from the center of the crown on the 12th fret to the center of the three tailpiece mounting holes in the guitar body so we can put the mounting studs in the right place relative to the tailpiece (proper intonation and all that).  If this is new construction or if you don't mind potentially moving the tailpiece, leave it blank and we'll put the dimples in a standard location and you can position the tailpiece accordingly.


    Because this tailpiece is machined specifically for your guitar using the measurements that you provided, it is not returnable.