If you're restoring an upscale Rickenbacker -- or if you've got some other snazzy project on your bench -- then there's a good chance that you've been searching high and low for some of that elusive checkerboard binding. If you've been looking, you've already seem our auctions for the stuff. Well, we've now gone one better...


We start with a piece of the checkerboard binding -- the holy grail of Rickenbacker restoration. This is not some cheap binding that is "close" to the original appearance. It's not black lines painted on white stock. This is made just like the original binding, with alternating layers of solid black and solid white.


And this is where it gets good... We pair each piece of checkerboard binding with a piece of white celluloid (yes, celluloid) binding. No ABS, no PVC; this is the real stuff for the real look. What this means is that you can get your entire binding restoration order filled right here; no need to go elsewhere for the right stuff.


Each piece of checkerboard binding measures .070" x .220" x 53" (2mm x 5.5mm x 1345mm). Each piece of white binding measures .060" x .280" x 54" (1.5mm x 7.1mm x 1372mm). That .280" height is crucial, and it's no random number. We sized the binding like that to fit the ledges on a vintage Rick with minimal scraping. It can't get much easier.


Each item that you purchase gets you one piece of checkerboard and one piece of white. One set will do the front of a 600-series Rickenbacker, a Rickenbacker 330/360OS, or a Telecaster. You'll need two pieces for the back of a Rickenbacker 330/360OS, 360, the back of a Telecaster, or the front of a 4000-series bass. Be sure to buy enough.

Checkerboard binding repair kit


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