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Rickenbacker cases have always come in two styles: cool or useful.  The vintage cases of silver tolex and black leather were unmistakable in their appearance -- but their open interior made them all but worthless for protecting your valuable guitar.  The new molded cases offer better protection -- but the plastic shell is flat-out ugly.

You don't have to choose anymore.  We're proud to offer the ultimate case for your 400- or 600-series Rickenbacker: vintage appearance with modern protection.  You get the same appointments as the vintage case: silver tolex, leather endcaps and handle, white piping, nickel hardware.  The inside is lined with a blue plush lining reminiscent of the vintage case (but without the smell).  You get the same front gear pocket.  But best of all -- and this is what makes the case -- the padding is form-fitted to your guitar.   This is no glorified rattle box or token wrapping: this is custom-cut, form-fitted foam that holds your guitar so it does not move.  Upper bout, waist, lower bout; the padding hugs it everywhere.  There's even a long pad under the neck to support it all the way from the body to the headstock.

Why put your guitar in just any case?  Why settle for something you don't want?  There's a better case out there -- and that case is right here.  Buy it.

Ultimate case for 425, 450, 460, 625, etc.


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