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One of the biggest problems in the restoration of vintage guitars is the availability of parts.  You might get lucky and pick some up on eBay or the random private sale, but you'll pay an arm and a leg.

We have faced this problem time and time again, so we did something about it: we make our own.  As difficult as this may sound at first, the reality is even harder.  There's a difference between making something that fits and making something that's right.

The key to our parts is a process that we call "forensic engineering".  To the extent that it is feasible, we make our replacement parts to the same standards as the originals, using the same materials and the same processes.  The goal is not to make do; the goal is to make great.

Looking to save a little money?  Check out our Bargain Bin for special bargains!  Looking for the good stuff, the neat stuff, or the cheap stuff -- and one-click shopping?  Check out our eBay auctions (member winfieldvintage).

Guitar bridges:
Roller bridge for 325 $175  
Roller bridge for 335/345/365/625, etc. $175  
Roller bridge for 660 $175  
Combo 400/450/600/650/800/850 bridge $100  
Vintage-style 6-saddle bridge $100
660 6-saddle bridge $100
Tune-O-Matic bridges:
ABR-1 bridge $75  
Nashville bridge $85  
400-series ABR-1 bridge $90  
400-series Nashville bridge $100  
660/12 12-saddle bridge $130  
Bass bridges:
'50's 4000 bass bridge $100
4005 bass bridge $100
Baseplate for vintage-spec bridge $20
"Ashtray" bridge cover (gold or chrome) $50
Bridge refurb kit $25

Combo 400/450/600/650/800/850 tailpiece $50
425/450/460/900/950/1000 tailpiece $50
Compensated 425/450/460 tailpiece $50
'50's 4000 bass tailpiece $70
Trapeze tailpieces:
6-string trapeze tailpiece (right- or left-handed) $50  
12-string trapeze tailpiece $50  
660 trapeze tailpiece $50
Long trapeze tailpiece $50
Black trapeze tailpiece (includes bracket!) $120  
Bass trapeze tailpiece $50
Harp tailpieces:
6-string harp tailpiece (right- or left-handed) $50
12-string harp tailpiece $50  
Long harp tailpiece $50  
Black harp tailpiece (6- or 12-string) $65  
Bass harp tailpiece $50  
Tailpiece brackets:
Tailpiece adapter brackets $50
C58 salvation bracket $50
Capri-style trapeze/Kauffman bracket $50
Early 60's trapeze bracket $50
Long Accent tailpiece $60  
Tailpiece conversion kits:
R-to-trapeze conversion kit (right- or left-handed) $90  
     Black R-to-trapeze conversion kit $120  
625 trapeze conversion kit $90
3X5 trapeze conversion kit $90  
Harp conversion kits $90  

Vibrato parts:
Vintage style Accent vibrato arm $50  
Replacement string comb $50  
Lefty Accent vibrato unit (complete) $175  
Lefty Accent vibrato conversion kit $90  
Accent arm retaining screw $15  
"Ac'cent by Paul" plaque $60  
Kauffman vibrola arms $50  
Kauffman clamp screw $20  

331LS parts:
331LS replacement lens material $25
331LS power supply $125  

Other goodies:
Checkerboard binding $35  
Binding restoration kit for 360 back, 620/625, 4001 $100  
Binding restoration kit for 330/360 OS, Telecaster $150  
Binding restoration kit for other instruments variable pricing  

Dual-jack jackplates $50  
Long 325 jackplates $50

336/366/456 converter comb assembly $150
336/366 converter restoration kit $300
Converter arm retaining screw $20

Vintage-style strap bolt $10  (price per bolt)
50's-style strap bolt $15  (price per bolt)

Vintage-style pickup backing plates $25  
Vintage-style truss rod nuts $10  
Saxophone strap mounting rings $40  
Combo 800 pickup coils $200
Anodized aluminum pickguards $100
Replacement pickguards variable pricing
Truss rod covers Don't even ask.

Resale parts:
Kluson-style Gotoh tuners $35
Hex tuner bushings $10
Compressed roundwound strings $7  

We also make custom parts according to your needs and specifications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Ordering: No, you're not missing anything; we don't have an online ordering system.  If you want to order some parts (and we're sure that you do), please call or send us an email telling us what you want, and we'll gladly provide you with a detailed invoice and payment instructions.

Payment: We accept payment through PayPal () or via check or money order (domestic orders only; payable to 'Winfield Vintage'; please contact us for the payment address).  Checks, money orders, and PayPal eChecks must clear before the parts are shipped.  No products will be shipped until we have received payment in full.  Sales tax will be charged on shipments within California.

Shipping: Domestic shipping is $10 via USPS Priority Mail (with tracking and insurance).  International shipping is $15 via USPS First Class Mail (select packages only; no insurance and limited tracking), $30 via USPS Priority Mail for a small Flat Rate box (limited tracking, no insurance) or $50 via USPS Express Mail (with tracking and insurance).  Shipping costs may be more for heavier packages or shipments that need more insurance*.  Any loss, damage, or delivery failure when using uninsured shipping is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

* Shipping for the 331/4005 power is supply is $15 within the US, $40 internationally.  Shipping for strings is $1 per set within the US, $5-9 internationally.

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