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Welcome to Winfield Vintage.  Our business is making the reproduction parts that you need to complete a restoration project or just spruce up an old war horse: bridges, tailpieces, pickguards, you name it.  Many parts for these guitars simply aren't available elsewhere.  Like you, we were tired of having to "make do" with whatever we could scrounge up to complete a project - so we decided to do something about it.  Everything we sell comes from our efforts to restore our own guitars.  We use our parts on our guitars - and we do it because they're the absolute best parts that we've found.  They look right and they play well.  Nothing less will do.

One of the biggest problems in the restoration of vintage guitars is the availability of parts.  You might get lucky and pick some up on eBay or the random private sale, but you'll pay an arm and a leg.  We have faced this problem time and time again, so we did something about it: we make our own.  As difficult as this may sound at first, the reality is even harder.  There's a difference between making something that fits and making something that's right.


The key to our parts is a process that we call "forensic engineering".  To the extent that it is feasible, we make our replacement parts to the same standards as the originals, using the same materials and the same processes.  The goal is not to make do; the goal is to make great.  We blend the style and character of the original parts with modern manufacturing techniques to provide the best parts we can.  At its simplest, our parts are better than new.

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