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The Rickenbacker 660/12 and 1993Plus are fine guitars. Hell, they're great guitars. However, they've got one glaring weakness: the stock bridge doesn't make full use of the wider neck. And we're here to fix that...


Ask yourself why you bought a 660/12 instead of a 620/12. Or why you own a 1993Plus instead of a 330/12. Because of the gold guards? Maybe. Because of the trapeze tailpiece? Could be. Because of the f-hole? We think that's cool. too.   Or because of the wider neck and flatter fretboard radius? Yeah, that's probably it. So, if you wanted a wider neck, why are you still using a bridge that keeps you from using all that extra real estate that you paid for?


RIC has but one 12-saddle bridge -- and that bridge was designed for their standard 12-strings with their standard necks. And when you put that standard bridge on a 660/12 or 1993Plus, guess what? It's too narrow. And so, the strings are pinched in from the edges. Look at the picture above. Compare the string spacing (TOM on the left, RIC on the right). Which would you rather play?


What to do about that? In the latest offering in our Tune-O-Matic compatibility series, we've mounted a 12-string TOM bridge on a Rickenbacker-compatible baseplate. First, you get a chrome-plated, Nashville TOM bridge made by ABM. This ain't no cheap Chinese bridge. Second, you get it mounted on a baseplate that is drilled to drop right into the holes for your existing bridge. That's right: the mounting studs are built into the baseplate -- which means that you don't have to drill any holes into your guitar to install a TOM bridge. Considerate, eh? And yes, the bridge is angled for perfect positioning and intonation.


This bridge is a drop-in replacement for a Rickenbacker bridge. You get the bridge, the baseplate, the thumbscrews, and the mounting screws. You get it all. What else could you ask for?


PLEASE NOTE: This bridge is not well-suited for use on a 330/12, 360/12, or 620/12, as both the saddle spacing and saddle radius are wrong for those guitars.

12-saddle Tune-O-Matic bridge for Rickenbacker 660/12 and 1993Plus

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