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If you've got a Rickenbacker 660-12 or 1993Plus, you know that the string spacing is wider than on other models.  You also know that because of this wider spacing, the strings fan out from the tailpiece to the bridge at a rather sharp angle.  Well, we've addressed that.  We're happy to offer a trapeze tailpiece designed specifically for that wider neck, with wider spacing on the string holes.  This means that the strings' path from the bridge to the tailpiece is straighter, which minimizes the sideways pull in the saddles and (many believe) looks better.

The tailpiece is a bit wider than the original trapeze, but it's a drop-in replacement; nothing to drill, no tools required.

Geek info:
- Tailpiece length: 3.3"
- Tailpiece width: 2.4"
- E-E spacing: 2.21"

660-12/1993Plus trapeze tailpiece

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