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If you've got one of the early Capris with a trapeze or Kaufmann tailpiece, you probably know that they don't use the same bracket they use today: the Capri bracket is larger and has a different hole pattern.  Mirabile dictu : so does this one. It has the larger size of the vintage bracket, with a representative hole pattern.  The larger size was an absolute necessity with the vibrola, as it moved the pointy bits on the underside away from the top of the guitar when they could (and would) gouge the finish.


Note that word "representative".  The original brackets appear to have been drilled by hand, with inconsistent and asymmetrical (i.e. random) hole patterns.  We've chosen to clean that up a bit, with a hole pattern that is in the target area they were aiming for and a less haphazard appearance. Nonetheless, it's compatible with all the trapeze tailpieces that we or Rickenbacker sell (6-string, 12-string, long, bass, etc.), as well as the Kaufmann vibrola.

And yes, the mounting screws are included.

50s trapeze/Kaufmann tailpiece bracket

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