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Check this out -- this is cool! From the worldwide leader in vintage Rickenbacker® restoration and after-market parts, we have got the neatest little adapter for those of you who want to install an Accent tailpiece on a guitar fitted with and drilled for an R or trapeze tailpiece.


You know the problem here: the strap bolt hole for an R or trapeze tailpiece is too close to the top edge of the guitar to comfortably swap in an Accent vibrato, as it puts the tailpiece quite a ways above the top of the guitar.  So, you're left with two choices: drill a new hole in your guitar, or have the tailpiece sit way off the face. We're offering you a third way: we've developed an adapter which lets you use that original hole. Maybe best of all, it covers the old holes from your original tailpiece -- something the stock bracket won't do.


Think about it: it will cost you a lot less than the hit you'll take from drilling a big ol' hole in your guitar. And the installation? It's a drop-in replacement.

Accent vibrato adapter tailpiece

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