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PLEASE NOTE: International shipping via USPS First Class Mail is not available for the complete vibrato.  Please select USPS Priority or USPS Priority Express.


The Accent vibrato is the only original option available for putting a traditional vibrato on a Rickenbacker guitar.  Trouble is, the Accent was never available for all those guitars made with black trim.  Until now.


We're offering an all black vibrato system for a Rickenbacker guitar.  It's made just like our other vibratos except that it's, uh, black.  And there's one other difference: it's got our unique adapter tailpiece rather than the stock tailpiece.  We do this because we know that your black-trimmed guitar didn't have an Accent on it from the factory.  Therefore, we've included our adapter which has the strap bolt hole properly positioned to use the original hole drilled for your R tailpiece.  This means that a) you don't have to drill any new holes in your guitar, b) this tailpiece will cover your old holes, and c) the tailpiece will lay properly along the top of the body.


If you want this, jump on it.  There aren't many.


And don't forget: we also offer a full range of replacement parts for the standard chrome Accent vibrato: tailpiece, spring, comb, arm, and screw.


Please Note: International shipping for this part is via USPS Priority Mail (uninsured and without tracking).  If you want a different service, please request it before placing your order.

BLACK complete Accent vibrato