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The good thing about the seminal Sorkin bowtie bridge is that it looks so cool.  The bad thing is that the bridge saddles are non-adjustable (and laid out for a wound G at that).  Well, we've got a solution for you...

This plate is dead nuts reproduction of the bowtie baseplate (polished aluminum, large thumbwheels, and round top 8-32 studs), with one crucial difference: the mounting studs are spaced to accommodate a standard Tune-O-Matic bridge.  You are no longer limited to that one choice; you can use almost any TOM bridge that you want and still get that classic look.

You get just what you see here: plate and thumbwheels (no bridge is included). Of course, if you want a bridge, we can do that as well. Choose one from the pull-down menu and we'll include it.

Please note: The studs on this plate are compatible with bridges with small diameter post holes. They may not be the best fit for bridges with larger holes.  Stud spacing is 2-29/32" (2.906"; 73.81 mm).

Bowtie bridge base for Tune-O-Matic bridge

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