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You know the story here: when RIC released the 325C58, they used the modern trapeze tailpiece bracket with the Kauffman tailpiece. There's just one problem with that: it doesn't work as well as it might. Because that bracket is designed for a trapeze tailpiece, it is short. Because it's short, the tailpiece lays right along the top of the guitar -- which means that all those sharp bits on the underside of the Kauffman gouge and scratch at your finish and the wood beneath every time you wiggle that bar. Contrast this with the original Kauffman brackets. Those brackets were quite a bit taller -- and that extra height lifted the tailpiece away from the guitar. And what does that mean? It means that your guitar isn't getting chewed up.


In order to solve this problem, we came up with an elegant solution: it's a taller bracket that lifts the tailpiece off the guitar. And here's the best part: even though it's sized just like the vintage brackets, it's got the same hole pattern as the new brackets -- which makes it a drop-in, no-drill replacement. Please have a look at the picture; it's easy to see the difference in the two parts. This is as easy as it gets: take off the old bracket, put the new one on. No new holes to drill, no new marks in your finish. Ain't that sweet?

C58 Kaufmann tailpiece bracket

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