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We've been fortunate enough to get our hands on the last of the world's supply of the checkerboard binding just like that used on Rickenbacker's deluxe guitars, the sparkle Telecasters, and the old Kay guitars. It's brand new, it's in great condition, and this may be the last time we have it in stock.  This is not some cheap binding that is "close" to the original appearance. It's not black lines painted on white stock. This is made just like the original binding, with alternating layers of solid black and solid white.


NB: These pieces are much shorter than the long pieces.  If you've bought this before, double-check your measurements before ordering.  And yes, we did lower the price to reflect that.

Each piece measures .066" x .215" x 24.4" (1.7mm x 5.4mm x 620mm).   Note: the old pieces were 53" (1345mm) long.  To calculate how much you'll need:
• 330/360 OS/381: Five pieces
 - front upper wing: ~25.5"
 - front lower wing: ~23.5"
 - back: ~60.5"
• 360 back: Three pieces
• 600-series: Two pieces
  - front or back upper wing: ~25"
  - front or back lower wing: ~21.5"
• 4000-series bass: Three pieces
 - upper wing: ~31.5"
 - lower wing: ~24"
• Double-bound Tele: Five pieces
 - front: ~51"
 - back: ~54"

Short checkerboard binding

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