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The Rickenbacker Accent vibrato seems to be a hot commodity these days.  You can't buy one for love or money.


Well, we don't want your love, but we will take your money.  Because we've now got a complete replacement for the Accent tailpiece.

Our vibrato is designed to vintage specs (and is interchangeable with either new or old units), but engineered to be stronger than the originals:
- Our comb uses a solid steel pivot instead of the weaker brass pivot on the old pieces. Then, we micro-weld it into place. It's not breaking, it's not popping out.
- Our springs are also made to vintage specs: they're flatter than the current springs, giving you a better break angle across the bridge saddles. And again, they've been re-engineered to be stronger than the originals.
- Our arms are also like the old ones: longer, and with a more rounded tip. And -- again -- they're stronger: we use a steel rather than brass ring.


This is what really sets our vibrato apart: we offer different tailpieces to accomodate different guitars.  If your guitar previously had an Accent vibrato installed, choose the standard tailpiece.  If it came with an R or trapeze tailpiece, you'll want the adapter tailpiece.  And if it's not a Rickenbacker, you'll need to measure the distance from the top of the guitar to the center of the hole for the strap bolt: if it's greater than 9/16" (14 mm), you want the standard tailpiece. If it's 9/16" or less, you want the adapter.


And don't forget: we also offer a full range of replacement parts for the Accent vibrato: tailpiece, spring, comb, arm, and screw.

Complete Accent vibrato

We expect (but cannot guarantee) that the vibrato will be available in mid-June.
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