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Back in the late 50s there was a fair bit of variation in Rickenbacker bridges.  We're not making separate listing for each and every combination, but we will give you limited options to tailor your bridge to your specs.


All bridges use the same vintage frame.  You can specify saddle radius (default is 7.25"), saddle screws (default 7/8" slotted or 1" philips with fiber washers), height screws (default black or silver), and o-rings (default with or without).  Ready?  Go.


NB: These bridges are built to vintage spec. As such, they are sized to fit a vintage baseplate. If you're going to retrofit this bridge on a newer (post-1985) guitar, you'll need a vintage-spec baseplate as well.  Please look in the options to include one.

Custom 50s-style 6-saddle bridge

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