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The bridges on the early Combo 400, 800, etc. differed from those on later guitars: they had a wider saddle spacing (2.1" E-E), 6 saddles of equal height, and a frame that was far from polished.  Our Combo bridges can duplicate all of that, but we also offer a nod to playability by putting an ever-so-slight radius on the saddles (because the fretboard isn't actually flat and who wants ditches for notches on the E strings?) -- all in a package that is precision engineered to higher standards than the originals.  No warped frames, no rattles, no buzzes, no wobbles.  Everything you want from a vintage bridge and nothing that you don't.  With the best of both classic design and precision manufacturing, it's the perfect drop-in replacement for your missing, rattling, or buzzing Combo bridge.

Early Combo 6-saddle bridge

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