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If you have an old Rickenbacker with the early toaster pickups, you know that they're not the same as the later "vintage" pickups that were used in the 60s.  The magnets are different, the backing plates are different, and the cover screws are different.  We can't help you with the magnets, but we can help you with the backing plates and cover screws. 


If you're restoring an early Rickenbacker -- or if you're putting some extra touches on a newer model -- this kit will give your pickups the true appearance of the very old.  Note the screw heads: wider and flatter than the later parts.  Note the screw itself: it's a longer screw with a different thread.   Note the backing plate: it's solid for the short pole pickups used on the 325, Capri, and other guitars.  And this is where it gets really cool: we can supply the backing plate with the larger center holes for surface-mount applications (e.g 325, Capri, etc.) or with the threaded holes as needed on a 425, 450, 900, 1000, 4000, etc. Just let us know your preference when you sent in your payment.


You get everything you need to overhaul your pickup:

  • Four (4) new slotted steel screws
  • Four (4) new nuts
  • One (1) vintage-style aluminum backing plate


Please note: these screws are just like those used ca. 1958.  That means they're long (3/8").  And that means that if you're using them on a 325, Capri, etc., you'll have to do what they did at the factory: tighten it up, then cut the screw flush with the nut.  PITA?  Maybe.  But it's always a little harder to do it right, no?


This is nice, too: we also offer a similar kit for the common vintage pickups. You can find them among our other listings.

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Flatback pickup restoration kit

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