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The old Rickenbacker 360f had a number of unique features -- the most notable of which was the long Accent vibrato with the two notes cut out of the tailpiece.  Both the guitar and the vibrato are long out of production and hard to find.


Until now.  We can't help you with the guitar, but we do offer the long vibrato -- complete with the proper tailpiece. As with all our vibratos, this one is designed to vintage specs (and is interchangeable with either new or old units), but engineered to be stronger than the originals:
- Our comb uses a solid steel pivot instead of the weaker brass pivot on the old pieces. Then, we micro-weld it into place. It's not breaking, it's not popping out.
- Our springs are also made to vintage specs: they're flatter than the current springs, giving you a better break angle across the bridge saddles. And again, they've been re-engineered to be stronger than the originals.
- Our arms are also like the old ones: longer, and with a more rounded tip. And -- again -- they're stronger: we use a steel rather than brass ring.


And don't forget: we also offer a full range of replacement parts for any Accent vibrato: tailpiece, spring, comb, arm, and screw.

Long Accent vibrato

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