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If you're tired of messing with that R tailpiece every time you change the strings on your Rickenbacker -- or if you just want a more rakish look -- we have the perfect solution for you.  Our trapeze conversion kit enables you to replace your R tailpiece with our unique -- and infinitely cooler -- trapeze tailpiece without drilling any holes in your guitar.  Think about it:


  • String changes are a breeze: no more trying to keep the strings from falling out the bottom of the tailpiece while you're wrapping the tuners on the other end.
  • No holes to drill. Our adapter bracket uses the same mounting holes as your original R tailpiece bracket.
  • The trapeze flat-out looks better.

Everything you need to swap tailpieces is included in the conversion kit: your choice of 6- or 12-string trapeze tailpiece, adapter bracket, and mounting screws.

R to trapeze tailpiece conversion kit

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