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This is white celluloid (yes, celluloid) repair binding for sprucing up your Rickenbacker (or any other guitar).  No ABS, no PVC; this is the real stuff for the real look. Each piece of binding measures .060" x .280" x 54" (1.5mm x 7.1mm x 1372mm). That .280" height is crucial, and it's no random number. We sized the binding like that to fit the ledges on a vintage Rick with minimal scraping. It can't get much easier.



Each item that you purchase gets you one piece of binding. One piece will do the front of a 600-series Rickenbacker, a Rickenbacker 330/360OS, or a Telecaster. You'll need two pieces for the back of a Rickenbacker 330/360OS, 360, the back of a Telecaster, or the front of a 4000-series bass. Be sure to buy enough.

Repair binding

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