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It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here. From the worldwide leader in vintage Rickenbacker® restoration and after-market parts, we can finally offer a replacement spring for your Accent tailpiece.


Why do you need a new spring? Maybe yours broke. Maybe it's missing. Or maybe -- just maybe -- your Accent has one of those tall new springs that leaves the strings just skimming across the tops of the saddles. You tell me, but it doesn't matter; we've got your fix right here.

Our spring is designed to vintage specs, with rubber bumpers rather than stick-on felt pads. It's polished and nickel plated, just like the old ones. It was designed from the get-go to last, with special attention paid to using best the possible material and making it in the strongest way. And finally, it was built to work like the old ones did.


Let's be blunt here: the springs on the new Accent units are just too tall. They tilt the comb up so far that the strings ride across the face of the comb (which creates buzzes and rattles). And because the front edge of that tilted comb is so high, the strings hardly break at all across the bridge. It's anybody's guess if they'll even stay in the saddles when you hit the bar.


If the sales pitch doesn't convince you, maybe the picture will. Look at the stock spring: the strings are laying across the comb and there's hardly any break at all over the saddles. Then look at our spring: same guitar, same bridge, same strings tuned to the same pitch -- but look at the clean line the strings make and the break angle over the bridge. This spring will keep your strings in the saddle.


And don't forget: we also offer a full range of other replacement parts for the Accent vibrato: tailpiece, comb, screw, and arm.

Replacement spring for Accent vibrato

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