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It's a replacement comb for your Accent tailpiece.  If you've only got part of an Accent assembly, you know that these combs get lost.  If you've got an older Accent, maybe you had the misfortune to discover that the pivots can snap off or strip out.


Our comb is designed to vintage specs (and is interchangeable with either new or old units), but engineered to be stronger than the originals.  For starters, we use a solid steel pivot instead of the weaker brass pivot on the old pieces.  Then, we micro-weld it into place.  It's not breaking, it's not popping out.


And don't forget: we now offer complete Accent units (both right- and left-handed) as well as a full range of replacement parts for the Accent vibrato: tailpiece, spring, comb, arm, and screw.

Replacement string comb for Accent vibrato

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