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The Sorkin bowtie is a classic.  Unfortunately, it has some goofy stud spacing that is incompatible with 99+% of Tune-O-Matic bridges -- which means that you are stuck with the non-adjustable bar bridge.  Or were...

We're proud to offer our take on the bowtie (same shape, same polished aluminum, same genuine Bigsby thumbwheels) with  standard stud spacing and a Tune-O-Matic bridge perched on top.

You get just what you see here: plate, thumbwheels, and bridge (choose an ABR-1, Nashville, or 12-saddle bridge from the pull-down menu).


NOTE: All bridges come with a 12" saddle radius and unslotted saddles.

Tune-O-Matic bridge on a Bowtie bridge base

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