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If you're concerned about the smallest details of your guitar's appearance, you know the deal: there are a lot of reissue toasters out there with the "wrong" screws holding them together. A lot of folks simply swap out the screws and call it a day. But not you. And that's why you want this lot.


If you're restoring a vintage guitar -- or if you're just kitting out a newer model with some vintage vibe -- there's no sense in going only part of the way. With this set, there's no need to stop short. It goes far beyond the simple cosmetic concerns of le poseur and straight to the soul of un aficionado. How so? Because you get more than 4 screws with slotted heads; you get a free trip to the next level because we include a vintage-style replacement back as well. That's right; there's no longer any need to keep that one-size-fits-all back with its cavernous cutout that screams "New!" every time you look at it. You can go back to the days when everything was made for one pickup only: the venerable toaster with its just-enough-room-to-clear backplate. And this is where it gets really cool: we can supply the backplate with the larger center holes for surface-mount applications (e.g 330, 360, 625, etc.) or with the threaded holes as needed on a 425, 450, 900, 950, bass, etc.. Just let us know your preference when you sent in your payment.


You get everything you need to overhaul your pickup:

  • Four (4) new slotted steel screws
  • Four (4) new nuts
  • One (1) vintage-style aluminum backing plate


All you need to make the change is a small screwdriver and about 5 minutes.  Please note: The pickup and the pickup cover are shown for illustrative purposes.  Neither is included in the kit.


This is nice, too: we also offer a similar kit for the early "flatback" pickups. You can find them among our other listings.

Vintage pickup restoration kit

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